It's a new year!

   Can you believe it’s already here? I am so excited for all to come in the new year. I have the most amazing line up of brides already and look forward to the many more to come. I wanted to share a little overview from last year. It was my busiest and most exciting year yet! I had a full season of brides scattered around northern California and was invited to participate in four creative photoshoots in Ireland, Germany and Italy. I love my job and this becomes more and more apparent. With every person that I meet, who in trusts me to take charge of their hair and makeup look, the more creative passion I gain.  For me, it isn't not about covering up problems or hiding features you don't like, it’s about bringing to life the best version of you! Showing you how beautiful you are. My most favorite thing about creating my art on someones face is the shift in someones confidence. That is why I love natural makeup. I am still wonderfully surprised that I feel into this amazing industry. I have loved painting from the first time I picked up a paint brush and never knew it would lead me to a career where I meet the most amazing people, get to travel the world and help unleash ones self love! Somehow God created this path for me and for that, I am forever grateful.